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Oly Pub Crawl this weekend

Fundraiser to raise money for Seattle Children's Hospital

Olympia Pub Crawl has 17 bars participating to raise money for the Leukemia Society. Photo credit: Oly360DotCom

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The Olympia Pub Crawl was established in 2009. It has developed into a really great party and fundraiser, but a lot of people might not know how it go started. It all began with Molly Sjoboen and her passion for helping sick children. She started Olympia Pub Crawl with the intent to raise money for the Leukemia Society, and her first year was able to donate $200 to their research. By the third year, she donated $6,000 to the Seattle Children's Hospital. Nine years later she is close to making that in pre-registration alone.

She started with the support of five bars in the Olympia area. This year, there are 17 bars participating. To participate, pre-register online at, or you can register at the event the day of. With your registration, you are given a passport that serves more as a guide of all the participating bars and pubs downtown. The bartenders are all wearing Oly Pub Crawl T-shirts and are offering specials for the participants only. Along with the event, there is a kick-off party at The Society at 2 p.m., Saturday, with a DJ and meet-and-greet for all the participants. At 7 p.m., Olympia favorite Big Blue Van will perform at Olympia Eagles.

Along with being the soul advocate for Olympia Pub Crawl, Molly is also the founder of the Olympia Cares Guild and Fundraiser also benefitting Seattle Children's Hospital. We asked Molly after nine years of running this event what was going to make 2017 exceptional. "The level of participation this year is crazy, and more than I ever could imagined." One of the wonderful things about Olympia is the community really pulls together when it counts and supports one another to make things happen. This is a great time for you to join this party with a purpose and really see the best of what Olympia has to offer. So let us raise a glass to Molly and her staff and the wonderful work she is doing inside our community. And here is to year nine of the Olympia Pub Crawl. CHEERS!

Olympia Pub Crawl, Aug. 12-13, Downtown Olympia, $35,

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