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Best of Tacoma 2019: Peaks and Pints

Readers' Pick: Best Bottle Shop and Best Taproom

Peaks and Pints pairs craft beers and ciders with yummy sandwiches in a friendly, Proctor location. Photo courtesy Peaks and Pints

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When Peaks and Pints declare themselves as "a craft beer taproom where brew nerds can wave their geek flags," they mean it. Peaks and Pints is a beer lovvas paradise. It's like the Narnia of brews with 13 cooler doors that lead to more than 650 craft beers and ciders. It's not just the selection that makes them the best of the best, rather than the traditional bottle shop in the region whose grub options tend to be in a worst-case scenario nuts and chips and best case prepackaged meat and cheese boards or visiting food trucks, Peaks and Pints pair their mind-boggling selection with a mouth-watering sammy, salad and dessert selection made in house. Not only are they delicious but their sandwiches are of the Peterson Brothers (co-owners of the space) famed reputation. Drool.

Co-owner, operator and craft brew connoisseur, Ron Swarner says, "Yes, rare craft beer, a ton of bottles and cans, Peterson Bros. sandwiches and a cool beer lodge have been a part of Peaks and Pints' success. Ultimately, though, it's our staff. Most of our bartenders and staff have been with us since opening day. It's the personalities behind the bar that make us successful. We're building an experience. You're not just here to drink Rochefort Trappistes 10. You want to drink Rochefort, but you want to taste it with amazing sandwiches and taste it with the amazing people behind Peaks' bar. There is something more to this place than just a simple list of beers that are hard to get. When bartenders and servers give that kind of service, then it becomes something that not everyone can do. It becomes a profession, and I think we have been very lucky to find great people who have stuck with us and have done a killer job."

I've got to admit, some days it's hard to articulate all of the things we want to declare to you. As a former publisher and journalist, Swarner knows how to deliver a quote that says everything you need to know about both the establishments' passion in product and love of community and providing a gathering space for all. He goes on to say, "Justin, Robby and I would be remiss not to mention Lindsay Giantvalley and her kitchen crew. Not only does the kitchen crank out delicious handcrafted sandwiches, salads and appetizers in a space the size of a Barbie Townhouse, but they also create a different daily sandwich special (which we post a beer pairing on our Facebook page every day). They should pen, "Three Hundred Sandwiches in a Three-By-Three."

If the craft beers and grub isn't enough to lure you in, check out some of their upcoming events on their website or Facebook page. They give ample opportunity to chug, sip and savor your way through the ginormous selection.  

PEAKS AND PINTS, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sunday-Thursday; 11 a.m. to midnight, Friday and Saturday, 3816 North 26th St., Tacoma,

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