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Six fall dining options

‘Tis the season to pack on the pounds

Brimstone’s BFDs are the meaning of life. Photo Brimstone PNW Facebook

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While preparing a pot of coffee the other morning, my vents came to life blowing warmed air into the kitchen. It was the first of the season -- the aroma of the heater turning on for the first time is one I rejoice in. I'm a woman of simple pleasures, most of them being best enjoyed during the fall months: pumpkin spiced everything, hearty meals, sweaters, boots and beanies, and crisp, fog-filled twilight hours. It's prime time to ditch the fresh and light foodie fare and dive straight into the good stuff. Here are my top fall dining picks of the season:

Marzano Italian Restaurant is exquisite for an intimate fine-dining experience. The space is warm and inviting, the very bones of it an old home transformed. Being located next to the PLU campus equates to plenty of leafy, big trunked trees undressing for the season. Autumn colors abound, fluttering and crunching underfoot. What better invitation to fill your belly with authentic Italian fare and handmade pastas?! 516 Garfield St., Tacoma,

While some think the season to dine seaside is over, the Jewel Box Café challenges the notion. The interior is lush and charming and the fireplace demands you take a seat with a good book while munching on a toasty panini and sipping a steaming hot roasted bean concoction. If sandwiches don't tickle your fancy, there are a plethora of sweet and savory crépes to choose from, also. 5107 Grand Loop, Tacoma,

Nothing will warm you up quite like the meat sweats, and the next three spots are ones I hit up to go full carnivore. The West End Pub and Grill boasts a TV covering every inch of the walls. It's perfect for catching the big game (whatever game you're into, it's fall so I think football is all the rage). Add to that, their Pub Steak is hands down the best bang for your buck. It won't cost you an arm and a leg, and will not disappoint marinated and topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions. 3840 Sixth Ave., Tacoma,

Mac Daddy, Frito Pie, Honey Glazed St. Louis Ribs, Chile Rubbed and Shredded Pork Shoulder. Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine is, and all of this and more can be discovered at Brimstone PNW in Gig Harbor. They go full flavor here and I go full fat kid. Whatever delectable journey you embark upon, make sure you start with the Smoked Piggy Nuggets (cashews and peanuts smoked and sautéed in the brisket drippings, lightly salted and seasoned). And end with a BFD (big fluffy donut), desserts featuring embellished donuts from Pao's! 7707 Pioneer Way, Gig Harbor,

I know, there's nothing quite like grilling over an open flame, and now that the sun has set to hibernation mode you feel like all's lost. Fear not, lover of fire-licked food, the Zodiac Supper Club has you covered. Get a funky craft cocktail or tall boy and grill yourself something up at their indoor grill! You can prepare it just the way you like it and make friends around the fire. It warms my heart all sorts. 1116 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma,

Finally, now that we aren't worried about the whole "summer bod" thing and we haven't quite reached the era of New Years' resolutions, I'm going to indulge in one of my favorite vices. Pizza. With nostalgic posters from my youth lining the walls and rock music blaring through the speakers, Old School Pizzeria is my first stop. The well-worn booths pair nicely with their perfectly prepared pizza pies and give me an excuse to revel in the state capitol in its full autumnal glory. 108 Franklin St. NE, Olympia,

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