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The smell of baked goods wafting through the air will lead the way. Photo courtesy of Tacoma Baking Company

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In the last issue of Grub Gossip, I laid out just a few hands-on learning opportunities for those looking to hone their culinary prowess or pick up a new skill in the kitchen. That same week, one of my favorite chefs announced a workshop that should have been on that list, so as a postscript, I'm going to include that information here. Jan Parker Cookery has filled farmers market attendees' bellies full, hosted pop-ups, and a series of cooking courses. The upcoming course is a Fresh Pasta class, focusing on Lasagna and Orecchiette. Not only will you be forming pasta with your own two hands, you'll be enjoying Lasagna with Pork Shoulder Ragu and Browned Butter Sage with Seasoned Squash. Class is hosted Jan. 26, 4-6:30 p.m., at Rain Urban Kitchen. Tickets are $80 a seat. Register at 2304 Jefferson Ave., Tacoma

The tides of the South Sound dining scene are forever ebbing and flowing. Well loved spaces close their doors and new favorites enter. Some slip in and out with just a blip on your radar and others receive excitement and fervor. Such is the nature of the industry. There's been a few notable openings and closures these last couple weeks. Here's just a few:

Among closures I'll personally mourn the most is Montamara Kitchen in Old Town. It closed its doors back in November, and I'm still sad about it. The closure was due to a loss of a lease, which is not uncommon, even for longstanding and successful locales. Another lease issue caused Proctor District's Blue Octopus to close their doors with the close of 2019. I'd recommend following Kerry Cole Fine Art, because I wouldn't be surprised if a new journey followed soon.

Those mourning Montamara might be pleased to hear that a new brunch service will be joining the ranks. Asado, who has teased us with special brunch service for Easter and New Year's Day, adds a third Sunday brunch service beginning in February. That's right, Chef Hudson Slater will be crafting an exquisite breakfast menu for at least one day a month. Foodie nerds have likely spied his work on the socials and know that the man has impeccable presentation and an attention to detail that serves brunch service nicely. Reservations aren't required but are recommended. 2810 Sixth Ave., Tacoma,

And finally, Tacoma Baking Company has opened its doors. Droves of folks hurried to the space and waited in lines out the door to get a first peek and score fresh baked goods, including bagels that boast Cascade Bagels' tried and true recipe. The sweet, the savory and coffee service -- they have you covered. Dutch Randall and I will wait for the excitement to simmer down before heading out to give them a try. 1316 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma

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