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Transport to an exotic land

Local international grocery store serves up exotic flavors

The world of Pal-Do is a feast for the senses. File photo

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Pal-Do World is where to go when you don't have the time or patience to drive to Seattle's China Town. Nestled off of South Tacoma Way, it's incredibly easy to get to, no matter which direction you are coming from. From the moment you walk in to the store, you are transported to some exotic land, even the music from the store's sound system is authentic.

The produce section hosted some screaming deals on herbs like cilantro, fresh dill and parsley.  You can find Meyer lemons, sweet onion, and some veggies you've never heard of before.

Near the produce was a WALL of kimchi. It's pretty amazing and quite pretty.

Have you ever had a sweet and sour gooseberry? Also, every style of chestnut is offered from pickled to roasted, raw and wasabied. Need some garlic? They have a five-pound bag of peeled garlic - we kid you not.

We grabbed a can of Kikkoman Japanese curry sauce with chicken and vegetables, heated that bad boy up and poured over sticky rice. It was tasty!

Soybean paste - or Miso as most of us know it - comes in a few different forms from dried in a pouch or fresh in a container. The selection is overwhelming but appreciated. Miso is great to use as a substitute for meat stock in a dish if you want it to be vegetarian.

And oh the seafood selection! We are most fascinated by the frozen Canadian Whelk, which really is just a very large sea snail. We would put them in some Miso for a real treat.

You will find most everything you need for your Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, or any other tasty ethnic inspired dish your little heart can create at Pal-Do World. And I must mention their skin care store featuring Shiseido products and the amazing food court!

Pal-Do World International Market, 9805 32nd Ave. Ct. S., at 96th and South Tacoma Way, Lakewood, 253.584.2022

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