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Pizzeria Fondi

Classic Italian favorites in a casual atmosphere

Wood-fired pizza pies and more of your favorite Italian classics. Photo credit: Dutch Randall

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ANNOUNCER: A popular community pizza stop in Gig Harbor, that unexpectedly closed in 2019, reopened this past October. Still serving pizza, salads, and paninis along with an open bar, Dutch and Jackie head across the bridge to check it out.

DUTCH: I really like the atmosphere of this place with its floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides and a wide-open seating area without any distractions. I equally like the ease of ordering at the entrance counter and then having your food delivered at your table; I just tell them what I want, and then I sit back and relax. The full bar is a bonus as well, and adds to the relaxed feel of the open space.

JACKIE: A friend of mine once told me that this place was a favorite spot of hers to go and write. I instantly understood why. Having visited this collection of strip malls many times before, I was confounded that I had somehow missed this gem time and again. Fresh, homemade mozzarella and wood-fired pizza? I'm in heaven.

DUTCH: Before diving into the oven-fired pizza, I grabbed a small Caesar salad to munch on while I waited. The serving size was just right for a starter salad, and the dressing-to-lettuce ratio was as it should be as well. Additionally, the croutons were unique in that they were seasoned pita pieces. However, they lacked the crunch required to count as a crouton. They were soft and bready, and would have served better on the side as actual bread rather than as croutons.

JACKIE: I considered my options, and was teased by the pizza rolls, but ultimately a slice of pizza pie is what I came for. And while I don't have dietary restrictions, the "Vegetariano" caught my eye. Roasted rosemary mushrooms, red peppers and artichoke hearts are nicely distributed with a four-cheese blend and goat cheese, plus a verde sauce for good measure. The flavors played nicely with herbaceous, tart and earthy notes hitting the mark throughout.

DUTCH: Ahh, and finally the pizza I had been craving. There is just something about a well-crafted Italian sausage and mushroom pizza. The simplicity is what I think I enjoy the most. In this case, the crispy wood-fired crust served as a foundation for the sweet, fresh red sauce, which is then topped with slices of sausage, fresh mushrooms, and dollops of mozzarella cheese. I'm convinced the choice to avoid an even layering of shredded cheese allows for the freshness of the sauce to stand out as the driving flavor to each bite.

JACKIE: When you have a housemade sauce and a delectable, wood-fired crust -- sometimes you need nothing more. Fondi is one such instance. Next time, I'll save room for dessert (think classic Italian favorites, tiramisu, affagato and gelato).

PIZZERIA FONDI, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Sunday-Thursday; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday-Saturday, 4621 Point Fosdick Dr. #200, Gig Harbor, 253.851.6666

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