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Volunteer drivers needed for veteran patients

Getting veterans without transportation to their appointments

Tony Guerra is one of the close to 3,000 Volunteer Transportation Network drivers. Photo credit: VA News

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VA medical centers across the country run a program that provides transportation to Veterans who are unable to get to their appointments. It's called the Volunteer Transportation Network, and it's supported by the national Veteran service organization Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

The Center for Development & Civic Engagement (CDCE) offices and volunteer coordinators schedule transportation for these veterans.

Veterans contact the coordinator through the local CDCE office and schedule a ride to their respective medical facilities. Upon the day of their appointment, a Volunteer Transportation Network driver will pick them up and drive them to and from their appointment.

That's Tony Guerra in the photo with the van he drives for Tomah VA.

Volunteer drivers behind the wheel 374,000 hours ... seven million miles

With close to 3,000 Volunteer Transportation Network drivers logging in 374,860 hours and driving over seven million miles, volunteers are truly answering the call to provide this critical service.

In 2022, Volunteer Transportation Network drivers transported over 156,000 veterans.

But there is still a need to do more. As veterans are aging and combating injuries, the demand for transportation is growing. Volunteer opportunities always exist for Volunteer Transportation Network drivers. In addition to the process to become a volunteer, Volunteer Transportation Network drivers must have a valid driver's license and pass a cost-free VA physical.

After processing, drivers will be provided access to either a Disabled American Veteran van or other government owned vehicle, to include a purchase card for fuel.

Helping veterans with no other mode of transportation

We understand volunteers have various reasons to serve, and CDCE offices work diligently to recognize each volunteer and their passion throughout the year.  

Many of the Volunteer Transportation Network drivers develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the veterans they transport. Please consider starting your journey to becoming a Volunteer Transportation Network volunteer driver by visiting VA's volunteer website:

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