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VA releases new Workforce Dashboard

VA Workforce Dashboard

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VA is now providing more care and more benefits to more veterans than ever before, and in order to continue serving veterans at this historic rate, we are hiring additional staff across the country. We are also implementing new hiring and retention authorities to grow and maintain a diverse, talented workforce that is focused on one core mission: deliver world-class care and benefits to veterans, their families, caregivers and survivors.

Both the Veterans Health Administration and the Veterans Benefits administration have achieved their highest growth rates in 20 years - and the Veterans Benefits Administration is now above 29,000 employees for the first time in history.

All of that information and more is now available in today's edition of the VA Workforce Dashboard, which can be viewed in full here.

VA is publishing this dashboard the fourth Friday of each month to provide insight into VA's progress growing and retaining its workforce to deliver more care and more benefits to more veterans. The previous edition of the dashboard can be found here.

As part of VA's commitment to transparency, we are sharing the same dashboard both internally and externally to maximize accountability to the veterans, families, caregivers and survivors we serve.

Key aspects of the dashboard include:

  • The total number of employees onboard with VA
  • Comparison of VA's growth this year in comparison with prior years
  • The progress toward end of year onboard targets for highlighted occupations across VA
  • The retention rates for highlighted occupations
  • The utilization of new authorities granted by PACT Act
  • An employee story about why they chose VA and their commitment to veterans

Whether you are a veteran or a civilian, VA invites you to come work with a team of committed professionals dedicated to helping our nation's veterans. Take the first step toward joining VA today - for more information, visit

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