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Saturday, May 22: The Marrying Type

The Den @ urbanXchange

The Marrying Type

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As popular music moves into the future and becomes drenched in drones, break beats, intrusive synthesizers and various other ephemera, there will always be a contingent of musicians who will push to bring it back to its roots - or closer to them, at any rate. The Marrying Type, Canon Canyon and Xylophones, all performing on the same bill at the Den, will represent three interpretations of this attitude. Canon Canyon recall the Americana of ‘70's singer-songwriters, all hope and love in the midst of youthful crisis. Xylophones bring it all back to guitar and drums with their plaintive, minimalist pop songs. Finally, The Marrying Type introduce haze to the mix, performing the kind of dream-folk you'd expect to hear as background noise to the majority of our family videos.

The Marrying Type

With Canon Canyon and Xylophones
Saturday, May 22, 8 p.m.,
The Den @ urbanXchange, 1932 Pacific Ave., Tacoma

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