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Sunday, Nov. 7-Wednesday, Nov. 13: Proctor Art Walk

Proctor District, Tacoma

Proctor Art Walk Central: Proctor Art Gallery

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The Proctor Art Walk brings together a whole bunch of artists and a whole bunch of Proctor businesses, all within a three-block area. On one cold and rainy day, I ventured from my warm and cozy apartment to meet with Carolyn Burt (owner of the Proctor Art Gallery) and Bonnie Cargol (an associate member of the Proctor Art Gallery and organizer of the Art Walk) to learn what this Art Walk was all about.

"The annual Proctor Art Walk features award-winning art from our Juried Art Show," Cargol tells me. 

The Juried Art Show took place in August alongside the Proctor Art Fest. This art show is unique in that just about anyone who wants to apply can do just that. Artists are accepted into 2D, 3D, textile and photography categories. The four top spots in each category are voted on by, you guessed it, a jury. Artists who win these spots are then invited to display their work in businesses throughout the Proctor District for the Art Walk.

The event is sponsored by the Proctor Art Gallery, one of 23 businesses throughout the district that will host pieces of art.

Read my full story here.

Proctor Art Walk

Sunday, Nov. 7-Wednesday, Nov. 13
Proctor District Businesses, North 26th and Proctor area, Tacoma

LINK: It's part of Art at Work Month

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Proctor Art Walk

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