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Through April 24: Linda Jacobus oil paintings

Morso Wine Bar

LINDA JACOBS: She considers herself a tonalist.

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Linda Jacobus is a local oil painter. She's an oil painter with a show going on at Morso Wine Bar in Gig Harbor until April 24.

If you haven't checked out Morso before, it's a beautiful harborside restaurant with tasty food and an array of wines.

If you haven't checked out a wine bar before, you should - because everything is better while drunk.

And because I said so.

Linda Jacobus is originally from California, but has been in the Northwest since 2003. She paints in the style of classical realism, meaning her artwork centers around skill and beauty, and she has an insane eye for realistic details and is wicked talented. Jacobus's paintings capture a variety of subjects including flowers, still life, landscapes and people, but they all share her passion for light and an interesting interplay of shadows and highlights.

To read Kristin Kendle's full article on Linda Jacobus click here.

The paintings of Linda Jacobus

Through April 24
Morso Wine Bar
9014 Peacock Hill Ave. #100B, Gig Harbor

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