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Friday, July 22: Walk Tacoma/Walk Poetic

Tacoma Brewery District

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For an hour and a half on a Friday afternoon, why not get up off your booty and commune with Tacoma on foot? Walk Tacoma/Walk Poetic is a new event debuting this year that aims to put participants in touch with the Brewery District in a whole new way.

During Walk Tacoma/Walk Poetic, participants will join local poet Luke Smiraldo as he leads the walk and guides his flock to think and write about their surroundings. It's  based on a similar event in Portland, Ore., and organized by Downtown on the Go - an organization set on reducing single-occupancy vehicles in downtown Tacoma and encouraging commuters to consider options beyond their cars.

To read Kristin Kendle's full story, click here.

Walk Tacoma/Walk Poetic

Friday, July 22
Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Begins at UW Tacoma's Grand Staircase

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