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Saturday, Dec. 8: Hilltop Artists Holiday Glass Sale

Jason Lee Middle School

HILLTOP ARTISTS HOLIDAY GLASS SALE: A crazy but careful annual tradition.

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Tacoma is filled with local shops, galleries and antique stores where you can take your holiday shopping local - but the Hilltop Artists Holiday Glass Sale is at a whole ‘nother level. Not only can you shop locally, but you can support an important youth program, a program that produces sweet talent at that, and you can find fantastic artwork at the most reasonable prices in town.

"It's primarily a glass sale, but we will have students on hand blowing glass and doing demos. It's festive and fun," says Kathy Anderson, communications manager for Hilltop Artists. "We have every shape and color imaginable, all made by students at Hilltop Artists. We have some amazingly talented students."

The sale will feature everything from flame-worked beads to paperweights to vases. Prices range from under a dollar for beads, to $15 to $25 for vases or cups, to $150 for vases. Large, wavy bowls can be as high as $375, but look into how much Chihuly charges to understand just how much of a deal this is.

While the sale goes on, students will also be present to talk about their work as well as offering live demonstrations on the glass blowing process.

The Holiday Glass Sale takes place at the Hilltop Artists' hot shop and gym, located at Jason Lee Middle School. To avoid waiting to get in, show up as early as 9 a.m. to get a numbered ticket and come back at the listed time. Crowds are metered to keep the shopping experience fun for all. There is glass to last the whole sale, but for the best selection, don't show up too late.

JASON LEE MIDDLE SCHOOL, 10 A.M. TO 1 P.M., 602 N. SPRAGUE, TACOMA, 253.571.7670

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