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Saturday, Dec. 15-Wednesday, Dec. 19: The Christmas Revels

Rilato Theater


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The Christmas Revels is a show, a Puget Sound tradition, a high-spirited, silly and serious, variety show that takes on Christmas in a way unique to other holiday performances.  The Revels combine folk traditions and a bit of historical appeal with choirs and community performances, dance and drama. This year, it's back at the Rialto Theater in Tacoma.

"The Christmas Revels is a seasonal gift to the community of song, dance, beauty, foolery and a dose of audience participation," says the event press release. "It's a joyous, timeless celebration for all ages; it's a great concoction of folk tradition and high art."

This year's Revels are set in a 12th-century English manor called Haddon Hall, which is about to be demolished. As a duke returns to the hall for a last visit to their ancestral manse, they find that it is not so abandoned. Instead, it's filled with ancestors partying it up, thereby proving that even in merry olde England in-laws and distant relatives could still monkey up your holiday plans.

The cast has some return favorites, including Tony Curry as a mischievous jester, B.J. Douglas as director and Megan Oberfield as music director.

RIALTO THEATER, DEC. 15 2 AND 7:30 P.M., DEC. 16 1 AND 5:30 P.M., DEC. 18-19 7:30 P.M., $14-$29, 310 S. NINTH ST., TACOMA, 253.591.5894

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