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Friday, Feb. 8 & Sunday, Feb 10: "La tragedie de Carmen"

Rialto Theater

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For its 2012-13 season, Tacoma Opera is all about girl power. Its next installment of feminine mystique is La tragedie de Carmen staged Feb. 8 and 10 inside Rialto Theater.

Peter Brook’s La tragedie de Carmen is a stripped-down version of the famous Georges Bizet opera Carmen. The story focuses on passionate gypsy girl Carmen, who seduces a very naïve soldier named Don Jose. Jose leaves his steady and faithful girlfriend, but then Carmen in turn ditches poor Jose for someone else. Pimpin' really truly ain't easy. As the show's title suggests, much tragedy ensues.

The original Carmen is filled with grandiose show and general pompousness for which opera is so well-known. La tragedie de Carmen does away with most of this and tells the story without the pomp, aiming to strike directly at your heart instead.  

"In my opinion, La tragedie de Carmen should really be subtitled, Carmen, Up Close and Personal, because it's one of the most intense and intimate operas you'll ever see," says Noel Koran, Tacoma Opera general director. "And the four singers portraying Carmen, Don Jose, Micaela and Escamillo are four of the most personable, talented and magnetic performers that have ever graced the Tacoma Opera stage."

RIALTO THEATER, 8 P.M. FRIDAY, FEB. 8, 2 P.M. SUNDAY, FEB. 10, $25-$66, 310 S. NINTH ST., TACOA, 253.591.5894

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