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Saturday, April 6: Whim W'Him

Pantages Theater

WHIM WHIM: Stellar dancers, and a mostly stellar lineup of dance works, make Whim W’Him a must-see for dance lovers Saturday. Courtesy photo

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If you are a modern dance fan, you certainly don't need the Weekly Volcano telling you to check out the Whim W'Him dancers. Whim W'Him (pronounced whim whim), a unique Seattle dance company founded by Olivier Wevers three years ago, takes the Pantages' stage Saturday to shake up your definition of dance.

"We're interested in making art relevant," says Wevers. "What's difficult with dance right now is that it is often really old fashioned. There are a lot of works that were created many years ago that are amazing, but they don't evolve with the time. I think that's what turns off a lot of people about dance. Many people have never been to see dance are not really interested because they think they'll just be watching tutus and point shoes."

Whim W'Him strives for relevancy largely through social commentary that lines up with current issues. The performance at the Pantages will feature four original Whim W'Him pieces that will be resurrected for Tacoma's first look at this dance company. These pieces are: "This is Not a Raincoat," "More," "FRAGMENTS" and "Monster," all created between 2007 and 2010 - all of which take a look at important issues in today's society.

Read Kristin Kendle's full feature on Whim W'Him in the Weekly Volcano's Arts section.


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