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Mondays: "Underwhelmed" Radio

Dick Rossetti / photo credit: Isaac Olsen

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Underwhelmed comes to us from Dick Rossetti (formerly of 107.7 The End and currently the frontman of the Jilly Rizzo) and Isaac Olsen. Olsen should be known to fans of local music and film as the director behind Quiet Shoes, Ich Hunger, and the Girl Trouble documentary, Strictly Sacred. The touch of Olsen can be felt in the hyper-kinetic editing of the show, which mirrors the energy shown in his movies. Assaultive radio stings come and go, framing a show that steers violently from tongue-in-cheek commentary to comedy sketches to readings of prison letters and - their favorite invention - a 10-song montage in five minutes.

Read Rev. Adam McKinney's full feature on Underwhelmed in the Music and Culture section.

UNDERWHELMED, 6-7 p.m., Mondays,

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