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Saturday, Feb. 7: Ravenna Woods

Urban Grace Church

Ravenna Woods / photo courtesy of

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Ravenna Woods have grown in ways that enter them into a different realm from those that consider folk revivalism the be-all and end-all of new indie expression. What began as a three-piece that created percussive folk has nor involved more electronic elements that expand their sound. Now, with their newest album, The Jackals, Ravenna Woods will be subjected to a modern dance interpretation of their album, just as Lemolo did last year with the Kaleidoscope Dance.

Just as last year's performance involved a band its album in its entirety, accompanied by modern dancers, so will this year's production involve Ravenna Woods' latest album, The Jackals, joined with interpretive dancers.

Read Rev. Adam McKinney's full feature on Ravenna Woods in the Music & Culture section.

RAVENNA WOODS, 7 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 7, Urban Grace Church, 902 Market St., Tacoma, $10-$30, 253.272.2184

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