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TIKI LOGIC: All of Seven, Little Bill and the Blue Notes

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All of Seven/Photo by Shanny Lee Photography

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It's a new week, which means it's time for a new installment of Bobble Tiki's South Sound music news and notes column. Without further ado, let's get rolling...

The thing is, Bobble Tiki doesn't need any more examples of how goddamn old he's getting. But they're everywhere. For instance, when Bobble Tiki came back from lunch at Tijuana Taco today, what did he walk straight into? A seminar on hashtags and how to use them. No joke. Luckily, Bobble Tiki is so old and stubborn he's grandfathered out of time-sucks like hashtag seminars and the Volcano's bi-annual social networking e-potluck, but that doesn't mean Bobble Tiki can't see the world changing all around him. And it doesn't mean the writing's not on the wall. Sadly, Bobble Tiki's all too aware his glory days are behind him.

The only good thing about the Internet changing the world, Bobble Tiki supposes, is the fact he's never been or had sex with a Duke Lacrosse player. And Brett Favre's never emailed him pictures of his genitalia.

To get back to the point, if one needed an example of a band that understands the way the Internet works, and how old and new can come together beautifully, it could be found in a group like California's All on Seven, a roaming, ranging, guitar and voice alt-country male/female duo currently on the road and making its stamp on our area this week through Facebook status updates and blog posts, not to mention shows at just about any coffee house, bookstore or bar shaped like a coffee pot that will have them. On Saturday All on Seven will appear at the Border's in Puyallup in the afternoon and Bob's Java Jive later that evening.

First, the old: All on Seven, despite a youthful complexion, manages to capture the essence of what alt-country and Americana is (or should) be all about. Through simple harmonies, strummed acoustics, harmonicas and the voices of Evan Palmer and Kayla Schureman, the dusty and faded songs these two singer/songwriters craft as All on Seven are built for long hauls and wide open roads, the kind of tunes that sound best bouncing off the insides of a pre-fuel crunch pickup pointed toward the horizon with plenty of miles behind it and in front of it. Sounding a bit like Rocky Votolato, Palmer's voice and the band as a whole shine particularly bright on the song "The Cars, The Bars, and The Lights" - available for free consumption on the bands website.

The new: While All on Seven is a band that's sound transports you back, that's not to suggest Palmer and Schureman or somehow stuck in the past. Far from it, actually. The duo, along with embracing and paying homage to the history of their given genre, make full use of the fruits of technology.

In other words, they totally Facebook and blog and stuff. Currently on the road and working feverishly, playing AT LEAST a show a day it seems, All on Seven is also keeping the world up to date via the magic of the Interwebs.

For instance, on day eight of the tour, at a stop in Portland, Palmer kept the world abreast on one of his latest, non-musical, revelations:

"had a great idea just a while ago when i saw nick eating two of the ‘Nutri-Grain' bars back to back: try doing that but put a piece or two of bacon in the middle, so it's like a granola/strawberry/bacon sandwhich.  talk about the breakfast of champoins, thats like, more than all the food groups.  some twice!  you could dip it in milk, like a cookie..."

Is he right, or is he right?

Bobble Tiki thinks he's right.

Seriously though, folks. Internet or no Internet, if you've got a soft-spot of sweetly lazy alt-country, All on Seven is worth a gander Saturday at the Jive.


OK. OK. So, it's kind of a ridiculous thing to suggest that legendary blues act Little Bill and the Blue Notes could possibly have an under the radar show this weekend. If Little Bill is under the radar, the radar is almost certainly broken.

Still, if you have yet to check out Tacoma's new Rhythm and Brews nightclub, which celebrated its grand opening last weekend with Maia Santell, Saturday's Little Bill and the Blue Notes show would be a prime opportunity.

Bobble Tiki will see you next week.

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