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Olympia rapper has M.I.D.A.S touch

Slo Poke opens club in Chehalis

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Olympia rapper/entrepreneur Slo Poke, aka S.P., has been making powerful hip-hop moves in the South Sound since the mid 1990s, and while the common job titles placed next to his name in the past have been rapper and promoter, he has now decided to place club owner on his list of credentials after recently opening up his brand new club in Chehalis. The grand opening of M.I.D.A.S was held March 31 and was hosted by local funny man Nate Jackson. Since then, S.P. and his new investment have been building a name in the South Sound, hosting plenty of shows and other various events. 

It's quite evident that there can be a lot money made in the nightclub business if it's done right, but S.P says that it's only half the reason he decided to open M.I.D.A.S.  "I've seen club owners try to be promoters throughout the years and it really doesn't work out too well," he said. "What usually happens is an independent promoter - such as myself - steps in and runs the shows for the club. Although the promoter may be in charge of it, it does not mean they are in complete control of what's going on. With me opening my own club it is allowing me to do everything my way, from the aspect of a club owner and a promoter."

Most people would probably think that opening a hip-hop style nightclub way the hell out in Chehalis might not be the greatest idea, but S.P would strongly disagree.  "This is more than a night club, it's a full on event center," he said. "It's nearly 11,000 square-feet right in the middle of an area that is rapidly growing, and in my opinion about to blow. I plan to not only host concerts in all music genres but I also plan to throw MMA events out here, and honestly there is nothing else like this going on in the area we're located."

One portion of M.I.D.A.S that he says he won't be launching until early next year is the in-house wings restaurant, which he's calling Wing Mans.  S.P claims to have a delicious wing recipe that will on its own have people driving 25 minutes south on I-5 from Olympia just to get some.

Only three months into its existence, M.I.D.A.S already has some pretty big names marked on its calendar.  On July 9, Las Vegas swag rapper Dizzy Wright will be performing, and Layzie Bone of the legendary Bone Thugs & Harmony will host a show on July 28. 

Come out to M.I.D.A.S for one of its upcoming all-ages events and see for yourself why S.P has chosen this location to open his establishment.

(Club Midas, 2100 N. National Ave., Suite 123, Chehalis, 360.791.9133)

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djkidone said on Jun. 25, 2012 at 5:47pm

big ups to my boy s.p. who knows how to make out here . this dude is living proof if you put your mind to it anything can happen ...m.i.d.a.s

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