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Getting fit with the kid

Group combines strollers with exercise

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Motherhood is a huge adjustment. For many women, especially new moms who stay home with their babies or work from home, it can be an isolating and difficult time. However, a program in DuPont and Lacey helps bring moms and their kids together for fun, fitness and friendship.

Fit4Mom is one of the largest fitness programs for moms in the country. In the DuPont and Lacey areas, it is run by Kristin Jacobsen, a nationally certified pre- and post-natal fitness instructor who offers Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes for new moms.

"Stroller Strides is an hour-long, full body workout for moms with their kiddoes in the stroller," Jacobsen explained. "Moms get cardio exercise, strength, balance and stretching all while connecting with other moms and being with other women who understand where they are on their journey as a mom."

For safety reasons, children mostly stay in the stroller during the class. However, "not all kids are content to stay in the stroller," Jacobsen said with a laugh, "so we have toys and puppets and books and songs for them. We are totally prepared for that."

Jacobsen has owned the franchise for about a year. She was inspired to teach when she took her own daughter, Lilia, now 6, to Stroller Strides classes as a toddler.

"Fit4Mom and Stroller Strides particularly is about helping moms build that strength for motherhood," she said. "It's also about helping moms build their village and community of women and find people they can connect with."

In addition to Stroller Strides classes, Jacobsen also offers Stroller Barre, "a blend of Pilates and yoga and even ballet, dance and barre-inspired moves that really help lengthen, strengthen and improve posture," she said.

"Fit4Mom is my happy place," said Becca Cumiford, an Army wife who enjoys the Stroller Strides classes with her children. "The fact that I don't have to leave my children in child care and they come home and mimic all the moves to the songs we sing is by far the most amazing part. I'm showing my kids that being fit can be fun, and at the same time I get the connection with other moms. Fit4Mom not only gives me that perfect workout ... but it also feeds my soul. As a military spouse, it can be hard to find your groove after you move, especially with children who need and crave friendships. Fit4Mom is the perfect place to get in those needed workouts and help get your kids and yourself out of the house and make lifelong friendships."

Stroller Strides and Barre classes are offered five days a week at 9:30 a.m.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, class is held at PowderWorks Park (1775 Bob's Hollow Lane) in DuPont. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, it's offered at the Regional Athletic Complex (8345 Steilacoom Road SE) in Lacey. Cost is $55 per month for unlimited classes. The first class is always free.

For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.

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