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Check This Out: "Dominick and Eugene"

Filmmaker Christopher Wood reviews movies from the Tacoma Public Library

I love you man.

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Some days you just don't feel like paying for another Redbox rental, and the next movie on your Netflix queue takes FOREVER to arrive in your mailbox. And recession or no, who can pass up free, convenient entertainment? Every Tuesday, "Check This Out" recommends movies available at any of the eight branches of your friendly Tacoma Public Library. So you can satisfy your next film fix at the place with the books.

Sup brah? Sweet game on Sunday, right? Totally! What else did you do this weekend? Me? Brah-dude, check it - I totally chillaxed with this old Eighties movie I rented called Dominick and Eugene. So Tom Hulce, the guy who played Mozart in that one movie, can't remember the name, he plays Dominick, aka "Nicky," this real Forrest Gump type that acts slow, but real nice to everyone. Plus he works as a garbage collector - not even playing, humblest dude you'd ever wanna meet.

Now this brah Nicky's got a brah of his own - not like you and me dude, I mean a fraternal brah. No I know man we went to the same fraternity, but I'm talking about a biological brah that Nicky has, a twin brah (which I don't get, since my boy from GoodFellas, Ray Liotta, plays the twin, and Liotta looks nothing like Hulce, right?). But anyway, guess his name. You got it - Eugene. And lemme tell you, ol' Gino and Nicky make for one odd couple.

While Nick's hauling out the city's filth day after day, Gino's got it made - he just got accepted to medical school at STANFORD, and started dating that hottie from Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis. This romance only gets a few mins of screen time, cuz this flick, as you can guess from the title, pumps hardcore brah-mance 24/7.

We got D and G horseplayin' around in the shower, getting all cuddly in bed together and sharing memories of growing up, and the TEARS dude. And the HUGS. I tell ya, they set this movie in Pittsburgh, but it might as well be Philadelphia for all the brah-therly love hitting the Pitts.

Getting this much manly affection on the big screen took some balls. But somehow, Hulce and Liotta daringly pull off this risky relash with real genuineness and warmth. You start realizing that despite their huge differences, the more life pulls them apart, the more they desperately need each other.

D&G shows us that achieving true-blue brah-ness takes duty, sacrifice, and always sticking up for those you care about. And it means having the guts to say those three little words you never realized you wanted to say, until now.

So brah, no more hiding my feelings. I speak those words now, and mean them forever: rent this movie.

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