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Washington State Fair opens Sept. 1

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It's that time of year again. Time to take your kids out of school right after it started and kill a day at the fair. One thing that people always love about the fair is that there is always something special for everyone.

Nine times out of 10 it comes out of the Columbia Bank Concert Series. If you're a rocker at heart, Nickelback and Daughtry are starting things off Friday. Steven Tyler with the Loving Mary Band, and Melissa Etheridge are later in the month. For bluegrass and country lovers, Lady Antebellum with Brett Young are performing Saturday. Granger Smith, Easton Corbin and Hank Williams Jr. are also making an appearance. Even if you don't want to come to a headlining show, there is an End of Summer Bash, Fiestas, Masters of Illusion and rodeos throughout the month.

What is a good fair without the food? Walking around the fair there is to die for fair food around just about every corner. However, there are some fair favorites that deserve an honorable mention. One of them is Deep Fried Butter, it is a thing, and no it's not as terrifying as it sounds. It is one of those things that you are skeptical about (rightfully so) until you try it, then you will be taking all your friends. The line is long, but fair warning, it doesn't get shorter if you come back an hour later. So my advice is just grin and bare it, you wont be disappointed. Speaking of long food lines, Fisher Scones is another must-have at the fair. If you have never had one they are a lot more exciting than they sound. In retrospect, it is a homemade biscuit with butter and raspberry jam, but the infamous scones made their debut at the Washington State Fair back in 1910, and have been a favorite ever since. The fair food scene has grown a lot since then and continues to get better every year. The newest addition to the fair food family is the Original House of Donuts. "We don't have anything as scary as deep-fried butter, but we are bringing something delicious," said Shannon Paul, one of the managers at OHOD and excited to have a spot at the fair.

Moral of the story is, for the month of September, the whole community is going to be involved in the fair -- you should be, too.

Washington State Fair Opening, Sept. 1-24, except Tuesdays and Sept. 6, 110 9th Ave. SW, Puyallup, adults $14, students and seniors $10.50,

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