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Chasing waterfalls

Must-see waterfalls in Washington state

Falls Creek Falls is the most impressive waterfall in western Washington. Photo credit: Brittany Catanzaro

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Spring is an invitation to chasing waterfalls here in Washington state. Washington is known for its unique forests and plunging waterfalls, so, you might as well get out there and chase some waterfalls. There are plenty that are not too far from Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) and most are easy to get to. Don't let the rainy weather stop you, grab a raincoat or poncho. Washington is too beautiful in the Spring to miss out, so here is a list of waterfalls to chase:

Wallace Falls

Located in Gold Bar is a 5.6-mile roundtrip hike to three impressive waterfalls with 1,300 feet of elevation gain. Wallace waterfalls are arguably the most stunning waterfalls in Washington making it a popular hike. The trail meanders through a lush tranquil forest along some roaring rivers that lead you to three waterfalls: Lower, Middle and Upper Wallace Falls. Each with a stunning view, Middle Wallace Falls is the best with a huge waterfall plunging at 367 feet. The trail to Middle Falls is easy, and then the trail turns more moderate once you hike up to Upper Falls. The hike is dog-friendly and a Discover Pass is needed to park. The parking lot is located two hours from JBLM.

Little Mashel Falls

Enjoy a hike to three waterfalls along the Little Mashel River that is only a 45-minute drive from JBLM. A easy hike for the family and dog-friendly. Park at Bud Blancher trailhead near Eatonville and start on your epic hike. The trail is five miles roundtrip with only 500 feet of elevation gain. Follow the trail through a shaded forest and have a blast exploring each waterfall. The middle falls is the most impressive and the largest of the three waterfalls. Hikers have fun exploring behind this waterfall. No parking pass needed for this hike.

Falls Creek Falls

Hike four miles roundtrip to this two-tiered 220-foot gushing waterfall. The giant waterfall is absolutely stunning and the most impressive waterfall in western Washington. The thundering sounds of the water crashing on the rocks below are amusing to hear. It is a MUST-do hike that is located two hours from JBLM but immensely worth it. The trail leads you through a shady forest along the Falls Creek River. The hike is easy and dog-friendly, perfect for a family-friendly adventure. No parking pass needed for this one but the road has some potholes.

Twin Falls

Take a short easy hike to the 135-foot-tall Twin Falls that has two impressive views. Gaze in awe from the river view and then hike up to the wooden platform to get a stunning birds eye view of the falls. The trail is 2.6 miles roundtrip with 500 feet of gain, located in North Bend. Search for the hidden swimming hole located towards the beginning of the trail. A Discover Pass is needed to park here at Twin Falls. This trail is also dog-friendly. 

Murhut Falls

Short but sweet hike to a stunning, two-tiered waterfall located under two hours from JBLM near Hood Canal. Murhut Falls is only 1.6 miles roundtrip with 250 feet in elevation gain. This 153-foot-tall waterfall is perfect for a rainy day and is dog-friendly. The trail meanders through a shaded forest and then forks when Murhut Falls is in sight. Go left at the fork to the viewing platform or go right to explore the lower falls and river. No parking pass is needed but the parking area is very small and the road has some potholes. Rocky Brook Falls is also in the area and is only a 0.1-mile roundtrip walk to reach this 150-foot-tall waterfall. The pool below the waterfall is a stunning, teal-colored swimming hole. 

Add these waterfalls to your "Must-Do" travel list while you are living here in Washington. Remember to grab your raincoat.

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