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Thursday, July 14: Earth


Earth / Photo credit: Sarah Barrick

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When I booked Earth for a college show some years back, I made off with a hand-written note that Dylan Carlson had left in the cafeteria. It read: "DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING especially BEVERAGES on or near this amp & equipment. You will be stabbed repeatedly and will be forced to pay for it if you live. Thank you." His cautionary screed still makes me chuckle, but I totally get where he's coming from: Earth's music is so deliberate, so sparse, so full of pregnant, between-beat inhalations that if the timbre of the guitar was even slightly off, the immersive, hypnotic effect of the whole song would be endangered. Earth's gear is a big part of their sound. So, y'know, stay the fuck away from it. 

[Northern, with Wyrd Visions, Broken Water, Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets, 8 p.m., all ages, $10, 321 Fourth Ave., Olympia,]

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Qwaneisha said on Jul. 14, 2011 at 7:31am

i think he should be arested for threating because he didnt have to go that far. Also people are paying to go see him if he keeps being mean he wont have any fans left.

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