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Thursday, July 28: L.A. Lungs


L.A. Lungs

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L.A. Lungs is the project of Nathan Markiewicz and wife Lori, and, as you might expect from a couple of steadfast oddballs (Markiewicz has a terrific track record as the booker for the Olympia Experimental Music Festival), L.A. Lungs' music is bracingly unique, unfiltered and hard to categorize. Songs like "Railcar Fracas" alternate between moments of sublime beauty and the rancor of chaotic, unbound sound. The Lungs' lullaby-esque melodies slowly warp and crackle, like the skin of a porcelain doll burning in a heap of junkyard debris, while a storm of decibels roll in over the horizon, sounding like down-tuned guitars revolting against their masters, uncoiling their own strings as a kind of sonic seppuku. 

[Northern, with Derek M Johnson, KnotPineBox, 8 p.m., all ages, 321 Fourth Ave., Olympia,]

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