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Tuesday, Feb. 4: Absolute Beginner Argentine Tango

BackStreet Tango

Hey! Is this legal tango? Fin out Feb. 4 at BackStreet Tango.

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The ecstatic pulse of the tango: It moves with a painterly look, an exotic atmosphere and the irresistible and insinuating rhythms of the music. That said, the boundaries in tango are very strong. What was inappropriate 60 years ago in an Argentine form is still inappropriate today. Touching your partner on purpose below the solar plexus is not acceptable. There's no tummy-to-tummy contact. People connect with an embrace that is not sexual; it's a sensual embrace. And it lasts only as long as the music lasts. If that doesn't turn you off, BackStreet Tango teaches a beginner Argentine tango class on Tuesdays concentrating on the elements of the dance for relaxed free flowing movement. It's cool if you're single. 

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER ARGENTINE TANGO, 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays, BackStreet Tango, 3505 S. 14th St., Tacoma, 253.312.0377

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