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FEEDBAG: Hell's Kitchen's new kitchen

Will foodies hang out at its new downtown Tacoma location?

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If you appreciate everything you've got, doesn't it stand to reason that with a couple choice enhancements (e.g., breast implants, or breast implants), you'll love it even more? Of course you will - case in point, Hell's Kitchen.

We snuck inside this morning for a feel of its new downtown Tacoma digs, set to open New Year's Eve with a free show. Weekly Volcano Editor Matt Driscoll will elaborate on its improved music stage and bar setup in the rag Thursday. The club's enhancements rock.

Food-wise, Hell's Kitchen will go big and open it up - a much larger kitchen will be exposed to diners who may sit at a counter and watch the action along the cook's line - a la 13 Coins (I'm hoping for captain's chairs). Out of the box, the menu will be similar to the one offered on Sixth Avenue. The club plans to expand the menu down the road. Hell's Kitchen will also offer an inexpensive lunch option for the downtown workforce in the future. No timetable has been set. Its popular Tightwad Tuesday - $2 beer, $2 tacos, $2 wells - will continue.

Last, it will enhance its happy hour, making it a perfect spot to show off your luscious rack after work.

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