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Saturday, March 15: Awesome Early Bird Photo Safari

Legendary Doughnuts

Legendary Doughnuts is the launch spot for the Early Bird Photo Safari Saturday.

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Picture a cream filled, chocolate covered doughnut with marshmallows and sprinkles on top. Now picture yourself join the Early Bird Photo Safari folks Saturday morning at Legendary Doughnuts. Join organizer Gordy Lee for fresh, handmade doughnuts and coffee at 9 a.m. After loading up on sugary treats, Lee and company will wander and shoot photos of Tacoma's fine scenery and wall art. Although this event is for photography opportunities, cameras are not at all required. For attendees who would like pictures of the glorious sunrise, arrive at the Vashon Ferry dock at 7:30 a.m. What kind of photos will you shoot?

AWESOME EARLY BIRD PHOTO SAFARI, 7:30 a.m. Vashon Ferry dock, 9-11 a.m., a.m. Legendary Doughnuts, 2602 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, free opportunity, 253.327.1327

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