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Sunday, March 23: Titlow Mud Run

Titlow Park

Here's mud in your eye!

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Are you ready to run yourself rugged? The Titlow Mud Run offers you multiple obstacles during a 2-mile run. During those 10,560 feet, you will crawl through the mud, climb over logs, jump fire, and jump wires. However, all obstacles are optional through the trails and woods of Titlow Park. This run was specially made for all types of people, the ones who love to get down and dirty, and the ones who like to keep their feet dry as they jump over puddles and go around mud. For lots of sweaty fun, register at, to receive a complimentary run towel and guaranteed timing for your little jaunt. For people who don't register but still participate, the towel and timing is not guaranteed.

TITLOW MUD RUN, noon, Titlow Park, 8425 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, $25-$35,

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